Hi! I’m Bret Williams, the guy behind BretFX. In 1998 I quit my full time job at a production company and have been independently editing video and creating motion graphics ever since.

1998: Remember these days?

Before settling in on Final Cut Pro X and Motion as my tools of choice, I’d used a variety of software including Avid, Final Cut Pro legacy, After Effects, Media100, EditDV, Premiere and even the VideoCube.  The unique connection between FCP X and Motion it so powerful it has inspired me to create my own flavor of solutions I hope you will find original, useful, affordable and easy to use.

2020: Life is good!

Many of the plugins here are the result of a need for a tool that didn’t exist in the marketplace. If I couldn’t find what I needed, I made it myself. As a result, I’m very open to ideas for plugins or templates. Please feel free to offer any feedback and suggestions via the contact page. I’d love to hear from you!