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Outline Effects for Final Cut Pro 10.6+ that animate, magnify, radiate, trace & electrify your designs.

Animated Outline Effects for Final Cut Pro

Outline Effects in FCP

Outliner FX is a huge FREE update to Outliner! Outliner FX is now a comprehensive package of animated Outline Effects, Outline Styles and Custom Outline Shape Effects. Try it for free today!


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Powerful Features

Find your edge. Annotate, highlight, and animate outline effects for Final Cut Pro around anything with transparency, custom shapes, or text

Radiate FX

Emit copies of your outline with the Radiate shape or effect.

Tracer FX

Animate a portion of your outline with Tracer custom shapes.

Magnify FX

Outline and enlarge an area of interest with Magnify shapes.

Electric FX

Energize your outline shapes and effects with the Electric style.

Add Outliner to Transparency

Outline Transparency

Think outside the box. Add outline effects for Final Cut Pro to anything with transparency.

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Choose from 5 Outline Styles

Outline Styles

Go beyond borders. Choose an outline style of Neon Glow, Electric, Rough, Extrude, or Line. Customize the style, position, offset, color, wiggle, speed, fill/background color, blur, and opacity.






Create Custom Outline Shapes

Custom Shapes

Forge your own path. Use either 6 or 12 points to create custom shapes. Control the style, size, roundness, wriggle, speed, fill/background color, blur, opacity and more.

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30 Customizable Shape Presets Included

Custom Shape Presets

Follow the path before you or make it your own. Customize any aspect of these pre-designed 6 or 12 point shape outline effects for Final Cut Pro or use them as-is.

Additional Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Leave a trace. You’re on the right track. Take advantage of these additional tools and techniques.

Trace Mode

Enable trace mode to create unique outline line art from images, art or icons with or without transparency.

Track in FCP

Utilize Final Cut Pro’s built in tracking to call out, highlight, decorate or annotate with custom outline shapes.

Overview & Tutorials

Detailed instruction and training on Outliner Effects and Custom Outline Shapes and Shape Effects.

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Outline Effects Tutorials


A single effect that does it all.

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Expanded options of specific style fx.

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Create outlines without opacity.

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Custom Outline Shape Tutorials


Customize your own outline shapes.

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Magnify inside your custom shape.

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Emit copies of your outline into 3D space.

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Animate a portion around your path.

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Track custom Outliner FX shapes in FCP.

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Product Specifications

Required Software

Apple Silicon


Intel Processors


Aspect Ratio(s)

16:9 (native), 9:16


54 Outline Effects for Final Cut Pro:
14 Effects (7 HD & 7 4k) 
31 Custom Shapes
2 Tracer Custom Shapes
1 Radiate Custom Shape
6 Magnify Custom Shapes

NOT Included

Stock Media & Music

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