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Reflect is also included in the PRO version of Power Tools, which includes 55 Titles, Effects, Transitions & Presets in addition to the 30 included with the free Power Tools LITE.

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An FCPX reflection effect plugin exclusively for Final Cut Pro X featuring blur, opacity and opacity falloff.  It’s virtual floor will obscure the source without obscuring your FCPX background. Make the text or video appear to be rising out of the floor or dropping into it by animating the Y position.  Create virtual camera moves by animating the global scale/ environment position while also animating the source scale and environment rotation.  So simple to use, yet so versatile, right inside FCPX.  Control the blur and opacity of the reflection.  Utilize the floor grid to setup your look.  Use it as an effect or use the title version to place the effect over an entire section of the timeline.

UPDATED to 1.1! Improved stability with Catalina and additional rotation features.
The previous version, now moved to the “Original” category, should only be used pre-catalina OS.  This new version has a slightly different interface, with additional rotation controls. The blur falloff has been removed due to complications with Catalina.

Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4+

Download includes 1 FCP X plugin as both an effect or title effect and instructions, as well as an “original” effect and title effect which should not be used for Catalina OS, but is included for backward compatibility with old projects.  It is not advised to use the “original” version going forward.


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