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An easy to use reflection effect FCPX plugin featuring blur and blur falloff as well as opacity and opacity falloff.  Rotate on the Y or Z axis. Make it vanish into the virtual floor. Turn on the floor grid to set up the effect or leave it on as part of your design.  Create virtual camera moves with global scale and position.  A simple, yet versatile Final Cut Pro X plugin effect that should be in everyone’s toolset.

A reflection plugin effect exclusively for Final Cut Pro X featuring blur and blur falloff as well as opacity and opacity falloff.  It’s virtual floor will obscure the source without obscuring your FCPX background. Make the text or video appear to be rising out of the floor or dropping into it by animating the Y position.  Create virtual camera moves by animating the global scale/position while also animating the source scale and rotation.  So simple to use, yet so versatile, right inside FCPX.  Fully control the blur and opacity of the reflection.  Utilize the floor grid to setup your look.  Use it as an effect or use the title version to place the effect over an entire section of the timeline.

Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4+

Download includes 1 FCP X plugin as both an effect or adjustment layer (title) and instructions



Double click the DMG file to mount the installer and agree to the license.

Double click the installer pkg to install the BretFX FCP X plugin as both an effect or adjustment layer (title). They will appear in the Effects and Title browsers under BretFX Reflect.


To Apply
In FCP X, navigate to either the Effects or Titles (for adjustment layer version) browser and find BretFX Reflect. Drag BretFX Reflect effect to a clip, or drag the title over an area of the timeline you wish to apply the effect to as an adjustment layer.    Both have the same controls capabilities except the adjustment layer version (title) affects everything beneath it.  If you have a background as a bottom layer you don’t want effected, you can either select the Reflect title adjustment layer and the layers you want controlled (sans background) and choose option+G to create a compound clip, OR move the background layer ABOVE the Reflect title adjustment layer and choose “Behind” as the blend mode for the background layer.


Global Scale Everything will scale up in proportion but not necessarily without change of perspective. It’s still a 2.5D environment.  Useful if you have your look just the way you want it, but it’s too small in the frame.

Global Position Everything moves in proportion to each other in 3D space.  Great for key framing X, Y, Z position as a virtual dolly, truck, or crane/jib camera move.

Position The X,Y position of your source. Moving it too low an it will pass into the “floor.”  Too high and the reflection will be so far away it will be out of frame.

Scale The scale of the source.  This DOES affect the size in relationship to the floor and reflection.  Making the source too large will place it into the floor.  Making it too small will yield not much reflection showing in the frame.

Y Rotation rotates the source and the floor (for perspective.)

Z rotation rotates only the source in clockwise or counter clockwise direction.  Rotate too much and the left or right of your source will potentially pass into the floor (depending on how high it is located above the floor).

Blur the maximum blur applied to the reflection.

Blur Falloff controls how quickly the reflection ramps to the Blur setting above. By default with less blur closer to the source and more blur farther away.  The start of the blur defaults to the bottom of the source image, but if your source has alpha, you may have lowered it’s position.  While this slider controls the end point of the blur falloff, there are actually two controls on screen, one for the start (which you may want to adjust if you’ve repositioned the source) and one for the end point. Be careful and keep the two in line vertically or you’ll get some odd results!

Opacity the overall maximum opacity of the reflection.

Opacity Falloff how far until the reflection it feathers out to completely transparent. You may need to adjust this by large amounts depending on how tall your source is or depending on how much you’ve scaled / positioned your source.

Floor Grid a checkbox to turn of/off the grid showing where the reflection and image obscuring will occur.  Any part of an image or text that passes below this will be clipped at the floor as if it is passing into it. This grid WILL RENDER in your final output if you don’t uncheck the box.  It is designed to be used as a guide unless you happen to like it as a design element.

Grid Color The color of the grid lines.

Grid Density The number of grid columns and rows.

Grid Opacity How transparent the grid is.

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