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Slide Wipes WATERMARKED DEMO transitions


Download 2 Watermarked Demo Slide Wipes. This Final Cut Pro Plugin DEMO includes two watermarked Slide Wipes transitions: 02b and 06c. Purchase the full package to unlock and get all 56 Final Cut Pro transition presets here

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Download a FREE SAMPLE of Slide Wipes. This FREE Final Cut Pro X Plugin Sample includes two fully functional Slide Wipes transitions: 04a and 05c. No strings attached.  The full package, as described below, includes 56 Final Cut Pro transition presets.

New Final Cut Pro plugin! Bring your transitions to life with this unique pack of modern Final Cut Pro plugin wipe transitions for FCP X 10.4 or later. Two or four-color shapes slide or scale as your footage transitions and moves in unison. Choose from 22 transition designs across 56 plugin presets. Different wipes have different features and controls including colors & drop shadow, direction, angle or curvature, and disabling the slide effect for the A and/or B side of the wipe transition. This set Final Cut Pro plugin wipe transitions is great for any type of project!

Don’t be fooled by their simplicity.  Slide Wipes’ subtle push or scale movements bring your transitions to life and makes standard wipes look stale and boring by comparison. The extra attention to detail in the controls allows you to customize them just enough to make them your own without being complicated or overwhelming.



56 Slide Wipe transition presets derived from 22 Styles (11 two-color designs and 11 four-color designs)

Music & Footage

FCPX 10.4 or later
16:9 Aspect ratio

Separately enables or disables the movement of the A or B side of the transition.

REVERSE (checkbox)
Reverses the direction of the transition. Some transitions may specify it reverses only the A or B side, depending on the design.  Some transitions are not reversible and have different options or a reversed preset.

ANGLE (slider)
Control the sharpness or angle of the elements. Only on transitions 17-20 a/b.

CURVATURE (slider)
Controls the sharpness of the curve. Only in the curved bars transitions (21 &  22 a/b).

FROM (pulldown menu)
Determines direction the transition originates from. Only in the radiating quarter circles transitions (15 & 16 a-d).

COLOR 1-4 (color pickers)
Choose the colors for the two or four elements in the transition. Listed in order of appearance.

DROP SHADOW (3 sliders, 1 color picker)
A simple drop shadow appears by default on the two or four-color elements.  These 4 controls uniformly control the shadow opacity, blur, distance and color.  If the shadow is set to full opacity and zero blur it can be used artistically as an additional solid color appearing between the other colors.  Control the width by increasing the distance. Or the drop shadow can be turned off completely by setting opacity to 0%.

Wipe Transition 02a
  Slide Wipe 02a
Wipe Transition 04a
 Slide Wipe 04a – FREE!
Wipe Transition 05c - Slide Wipes Final Cut Pro plugin
  Slide Wipe 05c – FREE!
Wipe Transition 08a
 Slide Wipe 08a
Wipe Transition 10b
  Slide Wipe 10b
Wipe Transition 11a -  Slide Wipes Final Cut Pro plugin
 Slide Wipe 11a
Wipe Transition 13a
  Slide Wipe 13a
Wipe Transition 16c
 Slide Wipe 16c
Wipe Transition 18a -  Slide Wipes Final Cut Pro plugin
  Slide Wipe 18a
Wipe Transition 20b
 Slide Wipe 20b
Wipe Transition 21a
  Slide Wipe 21a
Wipe Transition 05d - Slide Wipes Final Cut Pro plugin
  Slide Wipe 05d


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