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Splitz 2 Split Screen Effects for FCPX

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Splitz 2 is the Final Cut Pro Split Screen effects plugin package you’ve been looking for! Everything you need to create dynamic split screen presentations, slide shows, emulated streamed music videos or zoom meetings. Choose from 40 preset template layouts or create your own with the Grid Customizer.


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Splitz 2 is the Final Cut Pro Split Screen effects plugin package you’ve been looking for! Everything you need to create dynamic split screen presentations, slide shows, emulated streamed music videos or zoom meetings. Choose from 40 preset template layouts or create your own with the Grid Customizer.


Grid Customizer

Create the grid layout YOU want. Dial in any combination of up to 16 columns and 9 rows in the standard customizer or 9 columns and 16 rows in the vertical customizer.

Vertical Templates


Mix and match 4 vertical template layouts to create your own look for stories, shorts & reels. Or use the new vertical grid customizer to achieve nearly any vertical grid layout you can imagine. 

Rounded Corners

Give your frames and borders a little bit of modern style with fully adjustable rounded corners and outlines. 

Ken Burns Style Pan & Zoom

Pan, zoom, tilt and rotate your media within the frame with built in Ken Burns style effects.

Animated Text Overlays

Add animated text to any frame. Choose from 15 styles. For more control over layout and font, use the dedicated Splitz Text Customizer in the titles browser.

Rotation Animation Options

Add rotation to ANY of the 14 in or out animation options. Customize to taste and enjoy!

Custom Gaps

Use the gap feature to control  the amount of space between your frames.

Wipe Animations

Wipe the frame on or off in 5 different ways. Left, right, up, down, or center.

Adjustable Animation Speeds

Control the speed of your in or out animation. Choose from instantaneous to as slow as 2 seconds. 

Offset Outlines

Instead of a basic border,  choose to use offset outlines instead. Adjust the distance of your  outline from the frame, or inset it within the frame.


44 Layouts

Drag and drop layouts and choose position presets to simulate a zoom conference, a music performance, a mosaic layout, or a grid of up to 25 screens. Mix and match layouts or create your own.

On-Screen Controls

On screen controls allow you to scale, position and rotate the source within each panel.

Solid or Drop Zone Background

If your source doesn’t fill the frame or has transparency, fill the void with a solid or place an image in the drop zone.

14 Animation Options

14 animation options can be applied to each panel’s in and out animation: Fade, slide right, left, up or down, zoom, overshoot, or flip on the x or y axis. Add adjustable rotation to any animation.

Tintable Source

Are you in an Andy Warhol kind of mood? Adjust the tint of each panel and get your fix. 


System Requirements:
FCPX 10.4.9+

M1 Apple Silicon:
Fully Supported

40 Horizontal 16:9 Mix and Match Splitz Layout Effects

4 Vertical 9:16 Mix and match Splitz template effects
Horizontal Grid Customizer
Vertical Grid Customizer
Horizontal Custom Title
Vertical Custom Title

Not included:
Music, Stock Footage

8 reviews for Splitz 2 Split Screen Effects for FCPX

  1. Andreas Mueller (verified owner)

    Very powerful and flexible, and very easy to use. Can do a lot more than all other similar plugins I tried, but for less money.
    And so far, in addition, my older macbook can handle it quite well, which is not always the case with FCP plugins.

  2. gazwas (verified owner)

    The best split screen plugin out there. I love this plugin and the new 2.0 update makes it even more amazing. Saves so much time and the animation effects are great options to have.

  3. Gary Shrager (verified owner)

    I was looking for a split-screen program to do some work on a multi-screen music video I am making. I am a relatively new FCPX user. After looking at 8 different plugins from different companies, I decided to buy a plugin from a different company that I thought was likely to be a good choice because it was from a big well-established company. Boy was I wrong! After struggling for many hours with their plugin, I eventually gave up. Then I bought the BretFX Splitz plugin, installed it, and got it up and running in a few short minutes. What a difference. Even without watching the detailed tutorial (missing from the big company), your plugin just worked and was simple to figure out. Thank you for your great product. In the future, when I look for plugins, I will be sure to start with your website.

  4. Graeme Nash (verified owner)

    Hi Bret,

    I can’t thank you enough for Splitz. It really is an outstanding plugin.

    Tonight we have published a video of a cover of Band Aid’s Do They Know it’s Christmas. In a break from the norm we collaborated with a load of my singer friends, we have about 25 singers singing on the track. All recorded remotely, and very quickly! My job, as well as to sing on it, was to do the video. Before I had a solution in mind for how I would handle the mammoth task of editing up to 25 people into a split-screen video, we took on this project. I’ve only done a couple of split screens in the past for the band and then only the 5 of us on screen.

    In my research for a quick solution to my problem, I found Splitz. There were other similar plugins, but it was clear that Splitz was far more advanced than every other potential solution that I found.

    I was able to research it well via your brilliant website and tutorial on YouTube, and I could see virtually straight away that this could be the solution I was looking for, so I bought it. I also have to say it is incredibly well priced. I would have paid more, especially given I now know the extent of its easy-to-master capabilities. But the price vs value is what makes this work. The price is very reasonable, but the value is sky-high. How rare is that?

    I was still a bit nervous about the fact I wasn’t experienced with it and that it would take me a while to familiarise myself with it, mainly because I had four days to turnaround this video, which for me, was an enormous challenge.

    All in all, it took me about 5 mins to learn how to use Splitz, at least to a basic level, because you have made it so intuitive and user friendly and provided such an excellent tutorial.

    Your plugin is pretty much the only reason I was able to execute a four-day turnaround on the video, and I have to tell you how thankful I am I found it, and that you had made it so findable and so easy to get to grips with quickly.

    You have made a fantastic product and, in my view, the number one and only solution for anyone who needs to edit up split-screen or virtual choir type videos.

    Everything about Splitz is fantastic. From design and user-friendliness to the integrated tools like animation settings and on-screen control handles for transforming. It’s just brilliant. And it works! For once, something works as it is supposed to and in doing so, surpasses your expectations. That’s so rare these days, it seems.

    I wanted to take the chance to say thank you, and I will be sure to always visit your site first as my need for plugins grows.

    To anyone wondering whether Splitz is worth it… it is. 100%. Don’t hesitate, buy it now and get on with your project.

    If you need to make split-screen videos, you need Splitz. It really is as simple as that.

    Thanks again, Bret, and wishing you all the best.

  5. Edo Kieft (verified owner)

    Perfect plug-in and perfect communication!
    It is also suitable for 4K footage!
    I’m looking forward to new plugins developed by Bret.
    Edo (The Netherlands)

  6. Josi (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin! This is my first time creating a music video for our virtual church service. It is making me look like a pro. Sent a couple of questions to their customer service and got a quick response. Enjoying the creativity without the head-breaking work. Best purchase for the time and hassle it saves. So glad I saw the recommendation from Ben Halsall.

  7. Eniola Aina (verified owner)

    It’s super easy to use and exactly what I needed to save time making church worship videos. This is a lifesaver.

  8. DANIEL (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic plugin Bret. I have just run a few tests and it works wonderfully well as it is nice and easy to use. I would like to see your normal more in depth tutorial on this though, especially with the drop zone option as I would like to see more on how this works, but very good job on this. Thumbs up from me.

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