Updated! Splitz 2 is everything you need to create dynamic split screen presentations, slide shows, emulated streamed music videos or zoom meetings! Now more powerful than ever, it’s still the most affordable and easy to use. Each effect is customizable with on screen controls, animation, tint, borders, plus solid and drop zone backgrounds. Splitz 2 adds a new grid customizer, vertical templates, rounded corners and offset outlines, animated text overlays, Ken Burns style pan and zoom, wipe and rotation animations, and custom gap controls. Create animated grid, mosaic, masonry, or zoom meeting / conference emulation split screen layouts and effects, right in FCPX! And it’s still simple to use!

FREE Update for current Splitz users @ https://bretfx.com/my-account/downloads/

Grid Customizer

Create the grid layout YOU want. Dial in any combination of up to 16 columns and 9 rows in the standard customizer or 9 columns and 16 rows in the vertical customizer.

Vertical Templates
Mix and match 4 vertical template layouts to create your own look for stories, shorts & reels. Or use the new vertical grid customizer to achieve any vertical layout you can imagine.

Rounded Corners
Give your frames and borders a little bit of modern style with fully adjustable rounded corners and outlines.

Ken Burns style Pan and Zoom
Pan, zoom, tilt and rotate your media within the frame with built in Ken Burns style effects.

Animated Text Overlays
Add animated text to any frame. Choose from 15 styles. For more control over layout and font, use the dedicated Splitz Text Customizer in the titles browser.

Rotation Animation Options
Add rotation to ANY of the 14 in or out animation options. Customize to taste and enjoy!

Custom Gaps
Use the gap feature to control the amount of space between your frames.

Wipe Animations
Wipe the frame on or off in 5 different ways. Left, right, up, down, or center.

Adjustable Animation Speeds
Control the speed of your in or out animation. Choose from instantaneous to as slow as 2 seconds.

Offset Outlines
Instead of a basic border, choose to use offset outlines instead. Adjust the distance of your outline from the frame, or inset it within the frame.

44 Layouts (40 Horizontal 4 Vertical)
ag and drop layouts and choose position presets to simulate a zoom conference, a music performance, a mosaic layout, or a grid of up to 25 screens. Mix and match layouts or create your own.

On Screen Controls
On screen controls allow you to scale, position and rotate the source within each panel.

Solid or Drop Zone Backgrounds
If your source doesn’t fill the frame or has transparency, fill the void with a solid or place an image in the drop zone.

15 Animation Options
Fade, slide right, left, up or down, zoom, overshoot, or flip on the x or y axis. Add adjustable rotation to any animation.

Tintable Source
Are you in an Andy Warhol kind of mood? Adjust the tint of each panel and get your fix.

Border Control
Adjust the width and color of the optional border for each panel.

System Requirements: FCPX 10.4.9+
Apple Silicon Support: FCPX 10.5+
40 Horizontal 16:9 Mix and Match Splitz Layout Effects
4 Vertical 9:16 Mix and match Splitz template effects
Horizontal Grid Customizer
Vertical Grid Customizer
Horizontal Custom Title
Vertical Custom Title
Not included:
Music, Stock Footage

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