In this video you’ll learn the basics of using BretFX Splitz Split Screen Effects for Final Cut Pro X.

BretFX Splitz is the Final Cut Pro X Split Screen effects package you’ve been looking for! Affordable, powerful, and simple to use. Each effect is customizable with on screen controls, animation, tint, borders plus solid and drop zone backgrounds. Everything you need to create animated grid, mosaic, masonry, or zoom meeting / conference emulation split screen layouts and effects, right in FCPX!

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0:00 Introduction to Splitz Split Screen FX for FCPX
0:36 Creating a mosaic split screen layout
1:01 Applying a Splitz mosaic effect template layout to first layer
1:13 Choosing a split screen position preset
1:40 In & out animation choices
3:11 Custom controls
3:40 On screen split screen source controls
4:00 Source split screen controls in the inspector
4:48 Tinting source media
4:58 Border controls for split screen source
5:31 Repeat the process for a second split screen source layer
6:47 Add the third split screen source layer
7:10 Addressing wider than 16:9 2k source media
7:35 Set spatial conform to FILL for wider than 16:9 split screen source media
8:54 Add a fourth split screen source layer
10:10 Offsetting the start point of each split screen layer
11:22 Creating a 2×2 Split Screen layout in Final Cut Pro X
12:54 Addressing green screen source media
13:30 Apply split screen effect AFTER keying out green screen
13:45 Adding a drop zone background in split screen effect layer
14:37 Adjusting a drop zone background position and scale
15:38 Adding a solid color background to alpha channel split screen footage 16:41 Adjust the timing of in animations
17:54 Addressing vertical or narrower than 16:9 source media
18:15 Compound vertical source media first then add Splitz Split Screen Effects
19:47 Apply Splitz split screen effect AFTER compounding vertical video 21:10 Lick and subscribe!

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