Learn how to create your own FCPX Custom Overlay guides for FREE in Final Cut Pro X with the free BretFX Guides plugin. If you appreciate these tutorials, Buy Me A Coffee! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/BretFX

Custom Overlays were introduced in Final Cut Pro X 10.4.9 and allow you to upload your own custom overlays or guides. You access them in the view menu just like the title safe and horizon overlays. BretFX Guides is included in the FREE Power Tools LITE plugin bundle with 30 Free FCPX Titles, Effects & Transitions for Final Cut Pro X. With Guides, you can create and export your own custom guide and re-import into the Custom Overlay feature in FCPX to use in the viewer directly. In this video, we’ll show you how to create your own Custom Overlay Guides. In addition, if you upgrade to Power Tools PRO for FCP, you’ll get an additional 55 Titles, Effects and Transitions to use in your Final Cut Pro projects, including a Power Guides plugin which features professional guides and options like center cuts, title / action safes with center cross, film guides, HD and 4k rulers, adjustable grid / grid opacity, on screen custom guides and manual guide sliders, multiple color schemes and more.

0:00​ Introduction to creating free Custom Overlay Guides for FCPX
0:50​ Download Free Power Tools LITE free Guides plugin for Final Cut Pro X
0:56​ Power Tools LITE is 30 free Titles and Effects for FCPX
1:13​ Power Tools PRO includes 55 Additional Titles, FX & Transitions for Final Cut Pro X
1:25​ Start of Exercise & Tutorial to create custom guide overlays in Final Cut for free
1:50​ Add PT Guides plugin to timeline & adjust on-screen controls
2:38​ Export your custom overlay guide from FCPX
2:45​ Disable background & gfx layers to create transparent background
3:00​ Share / Export custom guide overlay as a PNG via Save Current Frame command
3:10​ Add Save Current Frame export option to share menu
3:50​ Save your Custom Overlay file
4:00​ Re-enable timeline media
4:07​ Import Custom Overlay Guide into FCPX view menu
4:28​ Adjust opacity of Final Cut Pro X Custom Overlay guide
4:35​ Sharing your custom overlay guide with others
5:02​ Power Guides advanced premium option with Power Tools PRO with 55 Titles, FX, Transitions
5:32​ Power Guides options overview – colors, rulers, line widths, film guides, center cuts, title safe, action safe, custom guides, grid density and opacity
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