You are currently viewing Hang Tag 1.2 Mojave / FCPX 10.4.4 update

The “Sale Tag 20” preset for Hang Tag has been updated to address a limitation in Mojave / FCPX 10.4.4 dealing with negative kerning. The two icons creating the “money back guarantee” ribbon weren’t aligning correctly and the issue has now been fixed.  If already you own Hang Tag this is a free update. Just log in at and in the downloads section you will find the new Hang Tag 1.2 downloader.  This is a full Hang Tag installer. If you already have Hang Tag installed you can opt out of installing the fonts during the install. If you do re-install the fonts you’ll likely need to relaunch FCPX.  If  you’re interested in Hang Tag, be sure to check it out at

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