A quick down and dirty run through of how the Word Cloud title effect plugin for FCPX works. BretFX Word Cloud is available here.

Word Cloud for Final Cut Pro X is a plugin title effect that takes 10 words or phrases, expands them into a cloud, and rotates them around your source object or text in 3D space. You control the cloud size, rotation direction, speed and position. A simple check box turns off the cloud and returns to text edit mode where you can more easily change text color and style.

Usage Tips: Word Cloud is a title/adjustment layer hybrid that affects all layers below it. As such, it’s necessary to add it as a title above the source you wish to surround in words, then group the source and Word Cloud together as a compound clip (option+G). If you don’t want to compound them, but have a background gradient or video you want unaffected, you can alternatively place the background layer as the very top layer, and then choose “behind” as the blend mode for that layer in the inspector.