FULL TUTORIAL for Banner Titles PLUS Art & Animation for Final Cut Pro
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Learn how to mix and match organic banner titles with art and animation elements to create unique eye catching graphics. Customize the banner wave, shading, stripes, outline, and texture. Specialty banner styles feature caution stripes, measuring tape, aged film looks, an instant photo and more!

0:00 Intro to Banner Titles Plus for Final Cut Pro
1:06 Customizing a Banner Title
2:00 GLOBAL Controls
2:07 Position, Rotation & Size Controls
2:25 On-Screen Controls
2:48 ANIMATION Controls
2:52 Enabling and Disabling In/Out Animations
3:06 Animation Speed adjustment
3:15 Adjust the Wave Speed, Height & Shading
4:12 TEXT Controls, font, size, position
6:27 BANNER Customization Controls
6:36 Adjust Banner width
6:44 Twist adjustments in Banner Titles for FCPX
7:00 Slant / Skew the Banner Title
7:14 Change Banner Color
7:23 Enable and adjust the Stripes
7:42 Texture options
8:21 OUTLINE controls
9:17 Changing viewer transparency in Final Cut Pro prefs
10:06 EXTRAS Section
10:12 Enabling and styling extra text in your BretFX Banner Title
11:50 How outline affects extra text, emoji, or drop zone
13:20 Adding emoji to your Banner Title in FCPX
14:15 Scale and position your emoji
14:38 Using a drop zone in your BretFX Banner Title in Final Cut Pro
14:58 Add an Art & Animation element to the drop zone in Banner Titles +
16:48 Using Art & Animation plus elements from Banner Titles+ with a BretFX Banner Title
17:08 Adding a badge element to your FCPX project
17:21 Utilizing On-Screen Controls to change position, scale, rotation for badge plugin
17:41 ANIMATION controls for art & animation Badge element FCP Plugin
18:04 Choose in and out animation selections – fade, slide, zoom, overshoot, flip, etc.
18:49 Adjust the speed of the in/out animation
20:11 Editing text fields in the Badge plugin included in Banner Titles plus for FCPX
20:19 Entering Edit Texts mode to stylize Badge text
21:10 Adding Emoji to the Badge art & animation element
21:48 Adjust Badge text position in inspector
22:59 Specific Art & Animation element controls
23:11 Adjusting specific text and Badge plugin controls in Final Cut Pro X
24:53 Finishing final texts & adjustments in Badge element included in Banner Titles+
26:07 Adjust timing of Badge & Banner animation together in FCP timeline
26:35 Change Badge in animation to overshoot