In this video you’ll learn the basics of using BretFX Splitz 2 Split Screen Effects for Final Cut Pro.

Splitz 2 is the Final Cut Pro X Split Screen effects plugin package you’ve been looking for! Splitz 2 is everything you need to create dynamic split screen presentations, slide shows, emulated streamed music videos or zoom meetings! Now more powerful than ever, it’s still the most affordable and easy to use. Each effect is customizable with on screen controls, animation, tint, borders, plus solid and drop zone backgrounds. Splitz 2 adds a new grid customizer, vertical templates, rounded corners and offset outlines, animated text overlays, Ken Burns style pan and zoom, wipe and rotation animations, and custom gap control. Create animated grid, mosaic, masonry, or zoom meeting / conference emulation split screen layouts and effects, right in FCPX! And it’s still simple to use!

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0:00 Intro to FCP tutorial for Splitz 2 Split Screen Effects for Final Cut Pro X
0:34 What’s new in Splitz 2 FREE Update
1:26 Recreatng a 2×2 split screen grid layout with new and standard features for fcp 1:45 Apply Splitz 2 from effects browser
2:20 Using non-16×9 or vertical video, stills, or media by first compounding the clip/media
2:48 Inspector controls for Splitz Split Screen FX

3:08 Layout Controls – choose pane position and gap
3:13 Use position slider to choose pane your media resides in
3:27 Gap slider controls space between panes
3:40 Tweak position with x and y offset options

4:08 Animation Controls – animate pane in and out
4:14 14 in & out animation options for Splitz includes 5 new wipe animations
4:26 New in & out animation speed sliders in Splitz for Final Cut Pro
4:58 Add rotation to your in or out animation with rotation sliders in Splitz Screen FX for FCP

5:24 Shape Controls – adjust the shape of the pane / frame mask boundary
5:27 Adding roundness to corners with Splitz 2 for Final Cut Pro
5:38 Adjust shape scale, rotation, aspect & shear / slant for your split screen pane

6:10 Border & Offset Outline controls
6:11 Enable inner border on inside of pane
6:17 Enable offset outline to place outline on outside of pane
6:22 Adjust offset slider to place space between the pane image and the outline, or inset the outline over the pane 6:53 Copy Splitz plugin & attributes from one clip, creating split screen effect in FCP
7:19 Paste attributes to new clip, change the position, the animation, the border color

7:54 Source Controls – adjust what you see INSIDE the shape
7:58 Adjust source position, size & rotation with inspector sliders in Final Cut Pro
8:13 or adjust source with on screen controls to create your split screen effect
8:30 Tint your split screen effect in Splitz for FCPX

Ken Burns Style Pan & Zoom FX
8:39 About Pan and Zoom in Splitz 2
9:14 Adjust the zoom, pan, tilt, and rotate to create a pan and zoom Ken Burns effect in your Split Screen pane in Final Cut Pro

9:33 Enable animated text overlays
9:36 Optionally lock to the pan and zoom fx
9:43 Choose text in and out animation styles
10:05 Adjust the in animation delay, or out animation advance
10:14 Enter and style your animated text in your split screen effect in Final Cut Pro

10:55 Background options
11:00 Disabling source video to show background color
11:09 Choose a background color in Splitz split screen fx
11:16 Use a drop zone instead of a background color
11:21 Using a green screen talent with a drop zone background in a split screen in FCPX
11:29 Scale and position the drop zone background in your Split Screen effect

11:53 Repeat the process for a 3rd split screen clip effect
12:47 Repeat the steps for a 4h split screen effect
13:41 Finish customizing the 1st split screen effect clip in Final Cut Pro
14:22 View the near completed animated split screen layout result
14:25 Adding Out Animations to split screens in FCPX
14:49 View the completed split screen layout
15:00 Thanks for watching! Check out
15:26 Lick and Subscribe! 🐶 Happy Editing!

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  1. Fletcher Brown

    Oh My!! This version (2) is just the best split-screen effect available. The incredible updates to the original Split are over the top. Seems like I got several free plugins just by upgrading. On top of that – your tutorial was the best I have ever seen. I wish other developers would spend the time to generate great tutorials for their products. I am just going to buy it again so you get paid for your fabulous work and I’ll be able to sleep with a clear conscience. Clearly you are someone who cares about their customers.

    1. Bret FX

      Thank you Fletcher for the kind words I try!

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