An in depth tutorial/overview for BretFX Slide Revealers titles for Final Cut Pro.

A fresh spin on title revealers! BretFX Slide Revealer titles for Final Cut Pro feature animated artwork, curved splits, custom borders, an optional animated lead line, blurring and tinting of the split video and more! Slide Revealers push two halves of your video aside, revealing your text in fun, imaginative ways. They’re intuitive, powerful and customizable. The package includes 25 professionally designed, customizable templates and 2 fully customizable blank slate templates for any occasion. Take advantage of the built in art work or switch it for a drop zone and add your own imagery.

0:00 Introduction to BretFX Slide Revealers title templates for FCPX
0:10 Anatomy of a title Revealer
0:28 Slide Revealers feature curves, angles, custom borders, animated lead line, blurred and tinted source, plus built in art & animation elements
1:15 Horizontal and Vertical Customizer Slide Revealer title templates for FCP
1:35 Location of plugins in the titles browser
1:43 Recreating a look

2:42 Checkboxes enable or disable in or out animation
3:15 Speed slider controls speed animated text and reveal

4:10 Position controls where the reveal is on the screen (vert or horizontal)
4:27 Size controls the width of the reveal
4:35 Offset controls the amount of video displacement from the reveal
5:01 Unique curve control gives the split area a curved look
5:21 Angle controls the angle of the split opening, and text skews with it
5:52 Shadow controls density of the shadow the reveal casts on the background

6:22 Selecting style of border
6:55 Animated line checkbox enables the animated lead line which draws attention to reveal area
7:30 Animated lead line end cap options
7:56 Width slider controls thickness of main border
8:15 Choose color of the border/animated line
8:22 Second border controls-width & color
9:04 Second border unique offset control

9:25 Skew to angle checkbox tilts text to match angle of the reveal
10:22 Editing texts in text fields
10:55 Advanced Editing of texts in text inspector
12:35 Choosing from the versatile “Bar” options
13:30 Bar size and position
14:58 Scale and position all text / bar together as a unit

15:55 Options for the Art accent
16:25 Position the Art
17:00 Art animation in/out controls and options
17:50 Move art to foreground option
18:20 Art specific options / colors
19:05 Using a drop zone and your own imagery instead of built-in art

20:33 Blur, Lighten, and/or Tint the source video

21:23 Overview of background options none, color, vignette, highlight, drop zone, original video
22:25 Using the original video as a background, blurring, tinting