A tutorial/overview of the Batmanned transition.  Available for free!

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  1. 210359

    Hi Bret.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas,
    I love your FCPX stuff they are fanatical and work really well. however I experience your Batmanned when you want to use your own logo cut it incorrectly, as others previously told on your website, I have been trying to scalate my picture without luck.
    Happy New Year
    // Lars

    1. Bret FX

      Hi Lars from Denmark! It seems to be working fine here on Mojave and the latest FCPX. I don’t see where you’re talking about on the website, but yes I do remember someone didn’t know there’s a scale logo slider in the inspector. Since this isn’t really a forum, but a review area, I’m not sure if you can reply to my reply, so give me a shout at support@bretfx.com. Let me know if your logo is too big or too small. Thanks so much for the kind words and Merry Christmas to you too! EDIT: oh wait this is the tutorial not the product page! Of course you should be able to reply here. So yes like the other person you should be able to scale your logo in the inspector. I’d probably make sure you’re at the middle of the transition, and scale it to just barely fill the screen.

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