Let’s streamline your FCPX bullet lists!

Stop stacking up layers in the timeline. They can be a hassle to layout, to make changes, and are often completely unnecessary. I’ll show you a simpler way in my new tutorial. No plugins or keyframes required!

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to:
βœ“ Use a single custom title to design and animate your bullet list
βœ“ Utilize hold frames to time your bullet list to audio
βœ“ Easily make changes to layout or animation
βœ“ Apply the same technique to BretFX or 3rd party templates
βœ“ Automatically synchronize sound effects to your bullet list

The technique is applicable to the custom title in FCPX, plugins from BretFX like Overshoot Text, or 3rd party plugins like Bullet List Creator from Motion Master Templates.

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00:00 Introduction
00:33 Hard to adjust stacked style bullet list
01:15 Creating a bullet list as a single animated title in FCPX
01:28 Introduction to the Custom Title in Final Cut Pro X
02:08 Check out full tutorial on the custom title https://youtu.be/GlD_aLgEk1U 02:19 Entering, styling, designing, spacing your bullet list text in FCPX
03:42 Animating your bullet list / bullet points with the custom title
06:24 Timing your bullet point list to audio in Final Cut Pro X
08:56 Making changes to your FCPX bullet list timing and animation
11:05 Applying the hold frame bullet list timing technique to plugins like BretFX Overshoot Text for FCPX https://www.bretfx.com/product/oversh…
11:45 Applying the hold frame bullet list timing technique to 3rd party plugins like Motion Master Templates’ Bullet List Creator Pro https://motionmastertemplates.com/bul…
12:06 Overview / Review of Bullet List Creator Pro for FCPX
13:03 Bonus Quick Tip! Synchronizing sound effects to bullet point lists in Final Cut Pro X 13:43 Searcing for built in sfx for your bullet list animation in the FCPX sound effects browser 15:13 Universally change the volume of timed sound fx for bullet list
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