46 fully customizable theme based overlay titles for Final Cut Pro. Slide Overlays create their own space by sliding in and pushing the background aside in fun, creative ways. Each concept includes either a sidebar or boxed overlay, plus a fullscreen overlay based around an icon or piece of animated artwork for a total of 40 theme presets. Customize the artwork or bring your own imagery via a drop zone. Adjust the overlay size, opacity, blur, color, angle, roundness, border and shadow. Or, take advantage of one of the 6 customizer templates for the ultimate in control and design.

Perfect for any project:

✔︎ Air Travel
✔︎ Books
✔︎ Camping
✔︎ Coffee/Restaurant
✔︎ Exploration
✔︎ Event/Performing
✔︎ Surfing
✔︎ Gaming

✔︎ Sales/Marketing
✔︎ Real Estate
✔︎ Movies/Film
✔︎ Memories
✔︎ Weddings
✔︎ Snow Sports
✔︎ Photography

✔︎ Product Launch
✔︎ Special Events
✔︎ Podcasts
✔︎ Social Media
✔︎ Summer
✔︎ Travel

Full Screen or Overlay
Every theme centers around an icon or art element and features both a full screen overlay and either a sidebar or boxed template.

Flip it or Reverse it
Easily reverse the direction of overlays or attach sidebars to the opposite side of the screen. Slide Overlays keeps the focus and makes the space.

Customizable Art & Icons
Each theme’s art element is customizable and scaleable. Make it your own, turn it off, or utilize the drop zone option with your own imagery.

Optional Drop Zone
Like the theme but not the art? Switch to drop zone mode instead and include your own video, image, art or logo.

Custom Colors, Curves & Angles
Customize nearly every aspect of each template. Color the background, remove a curve, add an angle and more.

Social Media Theme
The Social Media theme includes 18 social media logos or icons. Use as a sidebar or full screen. Make sure viewers know how to show their support!

System Requirements:
FCPX 10.6+

Apple Silicon: Fully Supported
Intel Processors: Fully Supported

Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Included: 40 Slide Overlay title Templates, 6 Customizer Templates

Not included: Stock Footage & Music