A fresh spin on title revealers! BretFX Slide Revealer titles for Final Cut Pro feature animated artwork, curved splits, custom borders, an optional animated lead line, blurring and tinting of the split video and more! Slide Revealers push two halves of your video aside, revealing your text in fun, imaginative ways. They’re intuitive, powerful and customizable. The package includes 25 professionally designed, customizable templates and 2 fully customizable blank slate templates for any occasion. Take advantage of the built in art work or switch it for a drop zone and add your own imagery.

Customizable title revealers for any project!

✔︎ Books & Film
✔︎ Outdoors
✔︎ Weather
✔︎ Corporate
✔︎ Marketing
✔︎ Events & Concerts
✔︎ Restaurants
✔︎ Exercise & Fitness
✔︎ Real Estate
✔︎ Sales & Offers
✔︎ Travel & Automotive
✔︎ Weddings
✔︎ Lists
✔︎ Quotes
✔︎ Invitations
✔︎ Podcasts
✔︎ Automotive
✔︎ Customized

Curves and Angles
Soften the look with a curved and angled split. Choose whether the text skews with the angle or holds true.

Customizable Art & Icons
Built-in customizable art elements to fit nearly any occasion. Or take advantage of the drop zone to swap in your own images or designs.

Optional Animated Lead Line
Lead the viewers attention right to where the reveal is going to occur with the optional animated line option. Choose the end cap style from arrow, bevel, round, or none.

Border Controls
The lead line becomes a border as your animation reveals your title. Adjust the color, width, rough or normal, and whether it’s on one side or both. Turn on the 2nd border option to add an additional offset outline.

Tint and Blur
Tint and blur the video to direct focus to your revealed content.

Social Media Template
The Social Media template includes 17 social media logos or icons. Make sure viewers know how to show their support!

System Requirements: FCPX 10.5+

M1 Apple Silicon: Fully Supported

Aspect Ratios: 16:9 and 9:16 Supported

Included: 25 Slide Revealer title Templates, 2 Customizer Templates

Not included: Stock Footage & Music

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