BretFX Splitz is the Final Cut Pro X Split Screen effects package you’ve been looking for! Affordable, powerful, and simple to use. Each effect is customizable with on screen controls, animation, tint, borders plus solid and drop zone backgrounds. Everything you need to create animated grid, mosaic, masonry, or conference emulation layouts, right in FCPX!

SPLITZ Features:
✓ 40 Customizable Layouts
✓ On screen controls
✓ Easy to Use
✓ 9 in & Out Animation Styles
✓ Tintable Source
✓ Emulate Online Meetings

✓ Masonry & Mosaic layouts
✓ Solid Background Option
✓ Drop Zone Background Option
✓ Adjustable Border
✓ Custom Module
✓ Affordable & Powerful!

Drag and drop layouts and choose position presets to simulate a zoom conference, a streaming music performance, a mosaic/masonry layout, or a grid of up to 25 screens. Layouts are applied as effects to multiple layers, instead of using multiple drop zones. This gives you full control over timing and audio, with the additional freedom to mix and match layouts or create your own.

Select the effect in the inspector and on screen controls allow you to scale, position and rotate the source within the confines of the panel. Select all the clips and effects in your layout and you can adjust all their on screen controls at the same time!

9 animation options can be applied to each panel’s in and out animation independently: Fade, slide right, left, up or down, zoom, overshoot, or flip on the x or y axis. In fact, Splitz is a great animation tool on its own. Apply Splitz custom module to any video, title, or graphic for quick professional in/out animation.

Are you in an Andy Warhol kind of mood? Adjust the tint of each panel and get your fix.

Adjust the width and color of the optional border for each panel.

If your source doesn’t fill the frame or has transparency, fill the void with a solid or place an image in the drop zone. If Carl in IT wants his outer space background, Carl gets his outer space background! (outer space background not included)

System Requirements:
FCPX 10.4.7+
16×9 Aspect ratio supported (results on other aspects will differ)

40 Pre-Designed Splitz Layout Effects & the Splitz Custom Module

Not included:
Music, Stock Footage, Carl’s outer space background

Jump to an example in the trailer:
0:00 BretFX Splitz Split Screen Effects for Final Cut Pro X
0:09 Music Videos streaming band performances
0:12 tinted colorized 1×5 split screen
0:15 emulate zoom meeting conference 6 way split screen in fcpx
0:16 solid backgrounds angled 2 way split screen effects
0:19 Masonry and Mosaic style split screens 8 way split
0:24 9 animation options in/out for each split screen fx in Final Cut Pro X 0:26 Easy to use and make split screens and grid layouts in Final Cut Pro X 0:29 Select from 40 layouts with up to 25 screens
0:32 Set the position with easy to use slider in fcpx inspector
0:34 Use On-Screen Controls to Adjust the source position within the panel 0:37 Choose the in & out animation styles separately from 9 options
0:40 Adjust the tint / colorization of the image & border width and color
0:44 Repeat and apply a separate effect for each layer in fcpx
0:49 Creative layouts and split screen effects
0:52 Customize your own layout or a preset split screen effect
0:56 Use Drop zones or solids as backgrounds for sources with alpha channels
1:00 Emulate a zoom meeting right in final cut pro x
1:02 4×1 Vertical layout with color borders split screens
1:10 If you “lick” this video please subscribe!

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  1. esound32

    Got the Splitz plug-in and all I can say is Awesome! Unfortunately bought another before buying the BretFx one and became so frustrated with it. Luckily I can across the Splitz plug-in on YouTube and all I can say is I’m so glad I did…works so great and so easy to use. I love it! Thanks BRETFX 👍🏼 And great communication as well. Answer any questions I had right away and super nice.
    Looking forward to more great plugins. Thanks 😀

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