1st ELEMENTS RELEASE! Hang Tag Overlays for ANY NLE

Here at BretFX we’re excited to announce our first venture into the world of animated motion graphics overlays elements that work in CapCut, Resolve, Premiere, Avid, FCP, iMovie or ANY NLE, any platform: Hang Tag Overlays. (not to be confused with the FCP Plugin version)

Hang Tag Overlays are pre-rendered, animated motion graphics overlays with an integrated alpha channel in QuickTime formats. Drag and drop them into your NLE of choice on any platform. Use them in Premiere Pro, Avid, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, CapCut, iMovie and more! They come in both h265 and ProRes 4444 formats to ensure universal compatibility.

67 Hang Tag Overlays
With 67 designs and styles there’s always something to liven up your video project. Choose from Sales & Event tags, Social Media tags, Valentines tags or Various Sign & Symbol tags.

Multiple Discount Variaiton Tags
Also included are 38 discount variation tags. Where appropriate, popular variations on sales and discounts are included.

QuickTime File Specifications:

Premiere, Resolve, Avid, FCP, iMovie, CapCut, etc
(ANY NLE that supports alpha channels)

3840×2160 24fps

HEVC/h.265 .mov with alpha
ProRes 4444 .mov with alpha

28 Sale tags
(plus 23 variations tags)
20 Social Media tags
3 Various Sign & Symbol tags
16 Valentines Sale tags
(plus 15 variations tags)

h.265 = 1.16 GB
Pro Res 4444 = 19.52 GB