Parks and Re-Creation Split Screen Transitions is a fun and quirky set of 7 transitions for FCPX 10.4 or later in the style of the famous Parks and Recreation TV show open. Use them straight up as transitions, with or without text/titles, or place them one after the other to closely resemble the famous look of the intro. Now you can break up your program with short or extended split screen montages that will take you from one scene to the next, with or without titles!

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  1. stevegeiger

    Love this transition. Very intuitive. Multiple uses and customizable. Affordable price for the quality. Tutorial is easy to follow. The free Batman transition came in handy at the right time!

  2. makeupbyemilly

    do you have for older versions? like FCPX 10.3.4?

    1. Bret FX

      No, I’m sorry Split Screen Transitions is just for 10.4.x and up

  3. Erik Hargrove

    Hello Mr. Williams,
    Is there a way to make the plugin fit inside the safe zones?

    1. Bret FX

      Hi Erik. I think you mean to have the different drop zones fit within title or action safe? I’m not sure how that would work or why you would want that to happen. Would there be a black border all around the perimeter outside of the safe action/title areas? No, I’m sorry, there’s no way to do that. But you can of course adjust their position and scale within each area to have the important action within action or title safe. If you’re talking about somehow having it all occur within 4:3 center crop safe area, this is a 16:9 transition. It will work on 4:3, but it most likely would not look pleasing. Does that help?

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