Lets demystify Final Cut Pro X drop zones! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use drop zones in FCPX without getting the dreaded freeze frame or still frame! Learn how to use precisely the region or portion of the clip you want in the drop zone, adjust it after the fact by using compound clips, avoid the dreaded freeze frame, synchronize audio, and adjust the pan and scale of the media in the drop zone with on screen controls.

If you’ve ever been baffled by the logic behind drop zones in FCPX, frustrated trying to choose precisely the right portion of a clip in a drop zone, or you wanted to adjust the timing or position of the media in an FCPX drop zone, then this video is for you. Using Drop Zones in FCPX will demystify Final Cut Pro X drop zones!

Using Drop Zones in FCPX
00:00 Overview
00:56 Example 1 – Simple Drop Zone selection
01:55 Avoiding the freeze frame in a FCPX drop zone
01:59 How Final Cut Pro X Drop Zones work
02:54 Reselecting drop zone media in FCPX
03:54 Example 2 – Precise Drop Zone selection and synchronization
04:21 Free Split Screen Transition https://www.bretfx.com/product/split-…
04:42 Example of imprecise drop zone selection
05:45 Precise selection of drop zone media using compound clip in FCPX
06:58 Select drop zone media from compound clip in timeline
08:09 Drop Zones don’t support audio in FCPX
08:18 Synchronizing audio to Final Cut Pro X drop zones
08:42 Example 2 – More complicated Drop Zone synchronization technique in Final Cut Pro X
09:51 Using a solid to extend media to create a compound clip for drop zone selection
11:37 Adjusting drop zone media with on screen controls in FCPX
12:09 Double click drop zone in the viewer to show on screen drop zone controls
12:35 Adjusting FCPX drop zone pan and scale with on screen controls
13:16 Adjusting drop zone media in and out points after selection with compound clip
14:03 Adding a graphic title to a drop zone in Final Cut Pro X
14:29 Adding a color correction effect to drop zone media
14:49 Wrap up & why to use compound clip for drop zone in FCPX