Text Message 2 plugins for Final Cut Pro X
Exclusively for FCPX 10.4.6 or later

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BretFX Text Message 2 for FCPX
A fully featured set of exclusive FCPX text message plugins to:

•Emulate texting apps like iMessage & Facebook Messenger,
•Create your own designs, or
•Choose from 8 custom presets.

Text Message automatically scales the text message bubble and advances previous messages. This is a HUGE update with TONS of new features, functionality and presets!

What’s NEW in Text Message 2:
✓ On screen controls
✓ Optional / Adjustable auto message advance
✓ Video / Photo Messages
✓ Typing “…” messages
✓ iMessage & Messenger Emulation with Presets & Interfaces
✓ Out Animations (scale, slide, bounce, fade)
✓ Scale & Type On animation styles
✓ Adjustable bubble width & height

Video Highlights:
0:09 iMessage emulation
0:14 Facebook Messenger Interface / messages
0:19 Photo & Video messages
0:22 On Screen Controls
0:27 Choose a preset
0:29 Freely place message anywhere
0:30 Choose animation style
0:34 Slide and Type animation
0:36 Message bubbles expand to fit
0:40 Change the tail style
0:43 Auto advance of previous messages is optional
0:45 Customizable presets and animation styles
0:53 Typing “…” messages
0:56 Adjustable photo and video messages
0:58 Auto Scaling Interface

Text Message 2: Final Cut Pro X 10.4.6+
Text Message 1: (also included for backward compatibility): FCPX 10.4+

8 sets of fully customizable Left and Right presets, plus full sets of iMessage and Facebook Messenger messages, typing “…” messages, photo/video messages, and overlay interfaces.

Stock Footage, Photos, Sound Effects, Music and Fonts are not included