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A comprehensive 3 part Text Message 2 tutorial for Text Message 2 for FCPX from BretFX. In these tutorials we’ll cover what’s new, getting started building text message conversations, customizing the different message types and adding iMessage or Facebook Messenger interface overlays to your text message conversations in Final Cut Pro X.

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Text Message 2 Tutorial: Getting Started

Text Message 2 Tutorial: Customization

Text Message 2 Tutorial: Interface Overlays

This Text Message 2 tutorial demonstrates a fully featured set of exclusive FCPX text message plugins to: emulate texting apps like iMessage & Facebook Messenger, create your own designs, or choose from 8 custom presets. Text Message automatically scales the text message bubble and advances previous messages. This is a HUGE update with TONS of new features, functionality and presets!

What’s NEW in Text Message 2:
✓ On screen controls
✓ Optional / Adjustable auto message advance
✓ Video / Photo Messages
✓ Typing “…” messages
✓ iMessage & Messenger Presets & Interfaces
✓ Out Animations (scale, slide, bounce, fade)
✓ Scale & Type On animation styles
✓ Adjustable bubble width & height

00:17 New Features
1:45 Applying Messages
2:12 Disabling Auto Advance of Messages/Background
2:32 Freely place Messages with On Screen Controls
2:53 New Animation Styles
5:22 Building a Conversation
7:31 Using Compound Clips to eliminate background advancing
8:34 Using “Behind” Blend Mode to eliminate background advance
9:38 Using On Screen Controls to interactively layout messages
10:43 Out Animation Styles

1:20 Adjusting Type & Font Style & Size
2:30 Choosing an In Animation Style
2:50 Adjusting Type On Speed
2:56 Change Message Bubble Color
3:29 Adjusting Bubble Roundness
3:36 Choose the Tail Style
4:04 Adjust Message Bubble Transparency
4:15 Tweak the Bubble Height and Width
5:12 Add a Profile Pic
6:55 Add a Drop Shadow and/or Outline to the Text Message
9:00 Add a Video / Photo Message Bubble
9:58 Choose and adjust image in Drop Zone
10:14 Adjust the Image Message Bubble Height and Width
11:55 Add an Emoji
12:43 Add a Typing “…” Message and customize it

0:08 Apply an Interface Overlay
0:40 Disable / Enable the Interface Background Offset
0:50 Adjust Message Blur under Interface Bars
1:12 Change Facebook Messenger Interface Icons Color
1:27 Control Interface Bars Opacity
1:43 Change the Interface Data
1:58 Choose a Profile Pic
2:45 Swapping Messenger & iMessage Templates
3:17 Changing Interface Background & Color
4:03 Interface Scales for different aspect ratios / screen replacement
5:43 Stylizing Interface Background with Transparent Video