In this lesson you’ll learn how to use the built in tools in Final Cut Pro, to create a title reveal without using any other third party plugins. Topics covered in this lesson include:

0:00​ Introduction
Draw mask reveal title example and overview
1:14​ Lets get started creating logo reveal with draw mask effect
1:26​ Apply the draw mask effect
2:22​ Start drawing your mask in Final Cut Pro viewer
2:53​ Draw mask controls in the inspector
3:50​ Keyframing transform controls and control points
3:48​ Setting a keyframe in FCPX
4:17​ Rotoscoping your draw mask
5:46​ Check the end result of your mask
5:55​ Making adjustments to your draw mask reveal effect
6:15​ Feathering or softening the matte in the inspector
6:25​ Disable the draw mask path in FCP viewer
6:41​ Final result of title reveal effect
6:50​ Shameless plug
7:08​ Lick and subscribe!