In this lesson I guest host a tutorial on AV-Ultra, a YouTube channel from Stanislaw Luberda. Learn how to use the built in tools in Final Cut Pro, to create a Logo reveal without using any other third party plugins. Topics covered in this lesson include:

0:06 What you will learn in this lesson
0:29 BretFx Introduces the lesson and how its put together.
1:38 Start of lesson example
1:45 Duplicating a clip and creating a matte
2:06 Using the Draw Mask effect in Final Cut Pro
2:50 Creating a mask with the Pen tool inside Final Cut Pro X
3:22 Animating a mask using keyframes inside the Inspector
4:45 Creating a traveling matte (moving mask) in Final Cut Pro X
6:25 Refining a traveling matte, using feather controls to soften edges of a mask
7:08 Reviewing completed example

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